Modern Music Halls

As an entertainment venue, modern music halls do not really exist anywhere in the world today. There are a variety of supper clubs that substitute, but most of them offer different forms of entertainment. Murder mystery dinners have become a very popular form of entertainment today, but they offer little in the way of music. Diners who look forward to music must seek out clubs where once popular musicians now prefer to entertain smaller audiences. These are the last hope for those who want traditional music hall entertainment.

Even though it is nearly impossible to find modern music halls with all the entertainment variety offered in the past, music lovers still have venues where they can experience music with audience participation in the form of singing. Piano bars offer alcohol and occasionally snacks, but their big draw is the ability of patrons to interact with the musicians. They can request songs and sing along with the artists if they choose.

Smaller venues offer audiences a more intimate experience, and this is one place where musicians who want to continue entertaining without producing new albums and going on tours have found a home. Audiences often consist of dedicated fans, and singing along is part of the experience. While not billed as music halls, many of these clubs offer dinner, alcohol and a variety of acts before the main entertainer performs. They are the closest approximation modern entertainment has to the music halls of bygone days.

The world has a way of recycling old-fashioned items and reproducing them as if they are new, so music hall fans will find the idea of modern music halls might eventually come back in its original format. Nothing draws investors more than a success story, so modern music halls might be just around the very next entertainment corner.